Versatile sandals with AN African soul

The Spring/Summer 2017 collection, despite the multiculturality of the materials used, focuses mainly on the African continent.

Motivated by the versatility of raw materials found in Africa, skilled craftsmen and objects such as fabrics, beads and metal parts, Mondala's new collection transports women into a warm, joyful and surprising environment.

The brown, white, orange, red, blue and black colors are the predominant tones of our collection, where there's also many fringes.

This year, Mondala also created two partnerships: one with Marta Barros, creator of TEX MB, in the Muriel and Zanzibar' Mondas, and another with the jewelers Eduarda Fernandes and Zinha Aroso in the Accra's Monda.

One of the great news of the new collection is the creation of a low heel, which completes the two already existing versions: high heel and flat. The inclusion of this new sandal happened to respond to the desire of our customers